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LBC Business Solutions celebrates a year of growth with partners at Shippers’ Night

Businesses went through unprecedented challenges over the last two years because of the effects of the pandemic. With the situation slowly going back to normal, LBC Business Solutions honored its clients and partners at its annual Shippers’ Night event last Friday, November 25, at One Esplanade in Pasay City.

Jerome Santos of LBC Express

The past few years were challenging, but we’ve managed to stay up and running,” said Jerome Santos, Senior Vice President of LBC Business Solutions. He further explained that the event is a tribute to the hardworking businesses that overcame a huge obstacle and have come out stronger, more resilient, and experiencing growth.

Over 200 attendees representing 80 companies attended the event—from SMEs to industry giants. Among the companies represented at the event included RCBC, Ford Group Ph, Samsung SDS, Ikea, Herbalife, Decathlon, Young Living, M World, AboutMae.ph, Atomy, and Reliv.

Vincent Geronimo of Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc. and Quey Chico of LBC Express, Inc.


“We trust LBC, we’ve been partners for ten years already, they can always cater to our requirements. With their wide coverage and network, LBC offers the best rates and efficiency as we continue with our expansion in the future in the Visayas and Mindanao area.”

—Vincent Geronimo, Head of Procurement & Transport of Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc.

Dennis Soriano of Sunlife Philippines and Jerome Santos of LBC Express.

“Our company is number one in the country in terms of insurance, and it makes sense to use the number one courier,” John Dennis Soriano, ACOM Service Manager of Sunlife Philippines revealed. “That’s the reason why we chose to partner with LBC. With their reputation and wide area coverage, it implies to our customers just how important they are to us,” he added.

Soriano further stressed the importance of LBC’s reliable service, “it doesn’t matter if you have a great product. If it arrives late to your client then you’ll still get a bad reputation. LBC ensures that our products get delivered on time, which, in turn, helps us keep our corporate reputation.”

Even up and rising businesses like online jewelry seller Aboutmaeph swears by LBC.

Sheila Mae Choi of Aboutmaeph


“They’re the only one who was upfront about offering insurance of up to P100,000 value,” Sheila Mae Choi, Owner and CEO of Aboutmaeph enthused.  That, plus their super-fast customer service — “they’re so hands-on with our concerns, even when we were just starting!” —as well as their integrity in dealing with valuable cargo like diamonds and gold jewelry, made Choi a loyal customer of LBC in both her business and private life.

LBC continues to work in tandem with its many business partners in a diverse range of  industries to ensure that their business needs are fulfilled—to move things faster and better—and contribute to the growth of the economy. LBC’s Business Solutions is the right partner for businesses who want reliability in their delivery and courier services. To know more about LBC’s business solutions, visit: https://www.lbcexpress.com/business-solutions

Originally published at Inquirer Project Rebound 6 December 2022.