peninhand2 I knew I had ink running through my veins when I first picked up a fountain pen  — my mom’s Parker 21 — and started writing with this pen in high school.   That, coupled with an insatiable drive to read more, spurred me to be a writer.

Nothing is more satisfying to a certified bookworm than to find a field where he can fully explore the love for the written word. Hence, my choice of major, literature.  I had fun joining various school organs dedicated to reading and writing.   It also gave me the chance to become a part-time scholar, when I won a slot in the university school paper.

After graduation, my first job was as a junior copywriter in a medium-sized agency.  I cut my teeth over developing storylines, conceptualizing a campaign, and drinking strong beer while playing darts.  I also continued to write poetry and the occasional feature article for the monthly lifestyle magazines. Honing my skills further were a stint in a national writer’s program and having a major publishing company include two of my stories for an anthology.

Now, after over a decade doing copy for various ad agencies, I’ve switched gears and am now writing online content for a chemical firm — in the process, stretching my wings further with this thing called “web publishing” and HTML. While not a walk in the park, still, these are exciting times.

On the side, my hiking boots are still dusty from the road, but they’re not as banged-up as they were five years ago. My fountain pen collection has grown to an even dozen, ranging from Parker Vectors to Pelikan Go! to a Sheaffer PFM V; these are complemented by a growing number of ink bottles and paper samples, all of which are used, be it in snailing or drafting copy.

So…welcome to my world.  Free feel to look around, and if you like, drop me a line if you want to talk about pens, writing or simply to give me a project to work on.

Reggie Reginaldo