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Pretty Young Thing

cover story for Girlfriend magazine, August 2008, pp.56-59

Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson is among the new generation of cool young moms, juggling work, life, play and family like a pro and looking damn good while she’s at it.

She beguiled us as Lia Buenavista in “Pangako sa ‘yo”, caught our eye in her portrayal of George in “Tabing Ilog”, and showcased her charm and dramatic flair in films such as “Jologs,” “Bagong Buwan”, “Birhen ng Manaoag” and “Noon at Ngayon”. Yet behind the doe-eye beauty lies a practical, no-nonsense air that is refreshing for its honesty and directness. Meet Jodi Chrissie Sta.Maria-Lacson, actress from the Star Magic stable of ABS-CBN.


This writer arrived at the venue exactly on time, yet was still beaten from the early-bird award by the actress herself. Already seated before the make-up artist, she exudes a serene air amidst the bustle of pre-shoot preparations. Her son, Thirdy, romped about, under the watchful eye of his mom and yaya.

When asked for shopping tips, she exclaimed “Shopping?!?!” before breaking out into peals of laughter. “Naku, I’m not into shopping talaga. Di ako mahilig dun.”

But when prodded, she admitted ”I buy what I need for work, but for porma, I always wear pants, blouse, slippers. Kasi i have a hard time putting on (clothes), kung anong fashionable or stylish, kasi I’m used to jeans.”

“What I do, I bring all my clothes sa set then they mix and match and they tell me ‘O, you wear this and ganyan.’ Pero yung ako lang mag-isa, effort ito for me”, she said. “Besides, I get my clothes from my sponsors.”

But when it comes to comfort, this lady has specific likes. “Sa sandals, basta wala lang straps sa likod, walang masakit.”

When it comes to her son, “pag nasa mall ako, asahan mo, you’ll see me in the baby section. Clothes, toys ‘di masyado ‘coz ang dami na rin kasi e. Yung first birthday niya, I asked for diapers and milk lang for my kid.”


Her easy, practical ways is also mirrored in her minimalist beauty routine. “I buy lang what I need; kung hindi naman kailangan, I really don’t spend. Favorite brands ko? MAC, Shu Uemura, The Body Shop. Nice yung brushes ng Body Shop, kasi they’re not too expensive pero super-soft ang bristles nila”, she explained.

“There’s also this product I’m endorsing, it’s called Hype. It’s a local brand. Yung soap niya, yun ang ginagamit ko pang lather sa face, then I use exfoliating gloves every other day. Sa skin care, Hype lotion. For shampoo, Pantene.”

Warming up on the topic, Jodi reveals her preference for Art Deco makeup remover. “I wash my face with soap and water, then Hype facial cream. Kasi to begin with, ‘di oily yung face ko.” The make-up artist concurred, “maganda yung skin niya”.

As for an exercise regimen, she confesses to having none. “Di ako nag gi-gym. I guess its because I’m blessed with good genes. Pero pang-karpintero ako pag kumain, makanin ako at ‘di ma-ulam”, she giggled.


A peek inside Jodi’s bag reveals a clutch of daily neccesities she considers she cannot do without. “Number one is my cellphone, as its my way to communicate with my son and husband, and sa mga angels sa house. And then, my lip balm, ‘coz lagi, every single day of my life, dry ang lips ko. Lagi siyang nagka-crack, so must-have ko yan sa bag, ‘di pwedeng wala. Wallet. I have a novena, a small prayer book given to me by Jomari Yllana. Nagpapalit-palit man ako ng bag, laging kasama yang prayer book na yan. And I find time to pray with it, kahit minsan sa car ko, or while waiting for my turn to tape”, she said.

A PSP player also makes an occasional appearance, for those times she needs to while away the hours in between takes.


Outside of work, Jodi says she likes to live an unfettered lifestyle, without typical celebrity trappings of a wild and reckless nightlife. ” “Sa house lang ako, kasi hindi ako mahilig pumunta ng mall para mag-shopping, dahil unang una, hindi ako mahilig mag-shopping”, she reiterated. “Ang relaxation ko lang is yung my time with my son, when we go to the zoo or sa mall, that’s it.”

Currently, the family is enjoying bonding time with her latest purchase: a karaoke machine. “Ay, everybody loves singing! My favorite song? ‘Bring Me to Life’ by Evanescence, as well as any song by the Carpenters”, she laughingly said.

When their house was being constructed, Jodi was in charge of furnishing it, “from the big appliances down to the kubyertos, ako ang personal na namili (ng gamit).”

“I looked for a trusted name when I made my purchases. Ang hirap pa minsan, sa sobra ating makatipid, minsan, yung quality naman ang nagsa-suffer. So I don’t want that naman na, mura nga, tapos, bili ka ng bili. Example, for my cooktop, bibili ako ng brand na kilala for cooktops. I ask around, I do research. At saka, may budget ako. I have to find a cooktop na maganda yug quality pero durable siya, maganda yung performance niya, and within the budget”, she explained.


Jodi today is a far cry from the Jodi of yesteryears. Prior to her marriage to Panfilo “Pampi” Lacson Jr., she admitted to being a party girl. “I used to go out a lot talaga. Kahit every week or every other day yung party, present. May bagong bukas na bar, bagong bukas na club, expect me there, present.”

But motherhood bought about a 360-degree change. “When I had my son, wala, nag-iba na, I’m not into those na. I’d rather go home; now, parang nai-ingayan na ako, unlike before. Now, deretso uwi, minsan I’d think, ‘shucks, sana matapos na taping, I miss my son, I wanna be with my family na.”

As a first time mother, Jodi shares a couple of tips that she found invaluable. “Number one is patience. Kasi, di mo maituturo kung anong dapat mong gawin. Walang manual ang babies; when it comes to raising your child, pakiramdaman lang, kasi what may work for one may not work for this baby.”

“And, enjoy your kid while they’re still young. Yun ang turo sa akin ng mother ko, kasi pag lumaki na yan, may kanya-kanyang barkada, diyan mo mami-miss. Yung parang, ‘sana humahabol ka pa sa akin, yung laging naka-dikit sa akin’, ganun.”


Currently, Jodi is slated to come out in “Sisa”, an independent film. “I’m also doing a soap, a teleserye with ABS-CBN, pero we’ll start taping pa lang in July. And there are two movies lined-up, so, medyo busy”, she revealed.

Make-up over, Jodi pauses to pick up her son, hugging him close as he babbles on about the camera. He asks his mother for her wedding ring; she hands it over to the excited child, tenderly warning him, ‘o, take care not to throw it, or else lagot tayo kay daddy.”

Wife, mother, actress, and more. In her own distinctive way, Jodi Sta.Maria-Lacson may very well personify the new face of the modern Filipino woman.