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Hiroshi Tamura and the Nissan GT-R: the Man and the Evolution of the Machine

2016 banners an important milestone for Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI), as it saw the introduction of the carmaker’s iconic GT-R super sports car in the country. No less than its Chief Product Specialist, Hiroshi Tamura, flew in to launch it at the recent 6th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS).

“I designed this car with an eye towards the ultimate driving pleasure,” Tamura stated.

“The car is the body, you are the commander. It is this kind of connection that is not just about the link between the steering and your hand. It is like a mobile surge that lets your brain grab the road,” he said.

With the Skyline 33 as his starting GT-R project, Tamura went on to develop the succeeding GT-R versions since 1997 until the present 2017 iteration.

“We upgraded everything. Sometimes, people focus on the horsepower, but it’s not just the only purpose. The purpose is the body connection, its more sporty but also projects a more mature image.”


Designing for Both Speed and Comfort

The newest GT-R   marries the concept of comfort of “GT” with the “R”  or racing idea of delivering exhilarating high performance that is found in its race car technology. 

“This automobile is not a dot chaser,” Tamura said.“It is not all about reaching peak dots on a graph — like most energy and even most G forces. It’s extra three-dimensional as a result of what we people are.”

The 2017 Nissan GT-R is a buff beast that wears its power underneath a more luxurious, sophisticated suit.  Powered with a 3.8-liter 24-valve, twin turbocharged V6  pumping out a prodigious 570 PS and equally immense 637 NM of torque, the Nissan GT-R is redesigned with  a more rigid body structure and a new suspension to ensure a smoother ride upon hitting the throttle.

Yet this strength is tempered by the changes implemented both in its exterior and interior.  Aerodynamically styled, its larger grille openings enhance cooling to key components, without increasing drag. The C-pillar was slightly redesigned to stop the formation of a vortex that could slow the GT-R down.

Inside, luxury and efficiency goes hand in hand with the choices of reengineering the cabin layout and materials used.  With features such as a dash cover that uses aniline leather, simplified cockpit with fewer controls and next-generation Multi-Function Display, relocated and redesigned paddle shifters, down to retuned acoustics that reduces unwanted noise while allowing the signature pure sound of the GT-R engine, all combine to elevate the driving experience to a new thrilling level like never before.

“You can concentrate more on your driving.  You can discuss more with your car more easier,” he said. 


The Philosophy of Being a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Tamura likened the Nissan GT-R as a wolf in sheep’s skin, “a sleeper”, he called it.

“Behavior is like a sheep, but the outside is a tiger, or a wolf. The GT-R is like a sedan, but with a racing engine,” he said, explaining the duality of the super race car’s character.  With the award-winning VR38DETT engine as the heart of the beast, each  unit is handcrafted and overseen by a Takumi master technician.  Such is the high level of craftsmanship and expertise that goes into each GT-R, that  each engine proudly bears a plaque that is stamped with the name of the Takumi that handbuilt it.  

When all elements come together, the Nissan GT-R provides a “smooth, sophisticated riding concept, but with feeling,” Tamura said.  

As a flagship vehicle, the Nissan GT-R has also shared its philosophy across other Nissan vehicles.

“How to grab the road, how the car is in contact with the road, all that is in the technology like VDC, traction control, ABS, this philosophy came from GT-R”, he notes in terms of the halo effect on other Nissan vehicles.  “Like the Navara. Heavy-duty use, combined with ease and reliability, these concepts come from the GT-R philosophy of reliability and robustness.”

The Nissan 2017 GT-R is exclusively available at the Nissan High Performance Center in Quezon Avenue in Katsura Orange, Vibrant Red, Pearl Black, Ultimate Silver, Gun Metallic, Pearl White, and Pearl Blue, with an SRP of P7.350M. For more details, visit www.nissan.ph.

Tough and Smart, the All-New Nissan NP300 Navara Conquers Ilocos Norte

Class-leading features of the NP300 Navara put to the test

Truck Wars. Antonio Zara, President and Managing Director of Nissan Philippines, Inc. (right) and SJ Huh, General Manager for Marketing of Nissan Philippines, Inc. beside the All-New NP300 Navara at the La Paz Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte


Manila, Philippines (February 24, 2015) – The Nissan Navara has always been synonymous with power and performance. It is well renowned for setting itself to a higher standard and leading the way for other pick-ups to follow. With the resounding success of its launch early this month, the 12th generation Navara is poised to raise the bar yet again.

After the long wait, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) proudly puts this tough and smart pick-up truck to the test by inviting 70 media guests to an exciting Navara Ride and Drive in Ilocos Norte so that they all see, feel and experience the class-leading features of the All-New NP300 Navara.


Nissan prides itself in having the best lineup of engines and the YD25 certainly lives up to it. This new generation 2.5L DOHC in-line four-cylinder Variable Geometry System (VGS) diesel engine has the highest power output per displacement in its segment. The 4×4 variant puts out 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque while the 4×2 variant offers 163 PS and 403 Nm of torque.

A segment-exclusive feature on the NP300 Navara is the 7-speed automatic gearbox with manual mode. Used as well by the Nissan 370Z sports coupe among others, it offers a wider range of speed with an expanded gear ratio while providing better acceleration, smoother shifting and reduced fuel consumption even at low speeds.

A 6-speed manual gearbox is also available for more transmission control and increased fuel efficiency.

This powertrain combination gives the NP300 Navara the class leading fuel efficiency and emission ratings.


Ready to take on the most demanding challenge, the NP300 Navara was designed and developed to carry heavy loads while keeping up with today’s active lifestyle.

Using a full-length fully boxed ladder frame that adds torsional stiffness and a Rigid 5-Link Coil Suspension armed with stabilizer bars, passengers are assured of utmost durability without sacrificing comfort even in the most unforgiving terrain.

Slightly longer than the previous model, the NP300 Navara managed to reduce the wheelbase by 50mm to enhance agility and maneuverability whether in off-road situations or simple city driving.

Never hesitate to take on the roughest terrain with the NP300 Navara’s electric shift-on-the-fly 4×4 system allowing you to engage it even while in motion.

Your safety is Nissan’s number one priority, that’s why it also comes with highly advanced features like VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip), HSA (Hill Start Assist), HDC (Hill Descent Control) and Traction Control System (TCS).


The NP300 Navara showcases a sportier style while staying true to Nissan’s design philosophy. With a more pronounced beltline and a first-in-its-class boomerang-shaped LED Daytime Running Headlamps that complement the “V-motion” motif that flows from the grille to the hood, the new Navara gets a distinct, attention-grabbing look that sets it apart from all other trucks.

The macho look of the Navara belies the subtle changes that has reduced its drag coefficient to 0.37 Cd, a great number for a vehicle this size. The dynamic convex and concave surfaces found on the doors along with the rear spoiler all contribute to its enhanced aerodynamics.

Inside, the NP300 Navara is as well endowed. Seats are finished with premium fabric and come with NASA-inspired Zero Gravity Seats technology that reduces fatigue by evenly distributing body pressure on the seating surface.

The Instrument Cluster Panel comes with Fine vision technology so that vehicle information, in whatever lighting condition, will be easy to read.

It comes with a 6-speaker infotainment system that doubles as the monitor for the backup camera. It has CD, MP3 and iPod compatibility along with Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone. For ease of use, access any of these services along with Cruise Control using buttons found on the steering wheel.

Another segment-first is the Push Button Ignition proving that Nissan will do what it takes to provide its customers with unparalleled convenience.

Easily accessible functional trays and storage spaces are ergonomically placed for personal belongings and electronic devices.

“Nissan pickups are not just vehicles, they are the lifeblood of communities, and we are catering to that need by improving the much-loved pick-up. With 80 years of heritage, providing technologies comes as natural as possible. Nissan lives on the promise of providing innovation that excites and that’s what we have been doing,” said Antonio Zara, NPI President and Managing Director.

It set the bar before, now it’s doing it again. The next generation pick-up is finally here, the All-New Nissan NP300 Navara.


The All-New NP300 is available in Savanna Orange, Galaxy Black, Brilliant Silver and Alpine White.

Introductory price set at:
PhP 1,490,000 4×4 VL 7-Speed
Php 1,421,000 4×4 VL 6-speed M/T
Php 1,256,000 4×4 EL 6-speed M/T
Php 1,108,000 4×2 EL 7-speed A/T Calibre
Php 1,038,000 4×2 EL 6-speed M/T Calibre
Php 938,000 4×2 6-speed M/T Calibre
Php 898,000 4×2 6-Speed M/T

Visit your nearest Nissan dealership and get to experience the All-New NP300 Navara. For more information on our products and services, visit our website, at www.nissan.ph.